Writing Prompts, Anyone?

I took a break from working on my WIP this morning and thawed some veggies in the microwave to have for lunch. It reminded me of the time not long ago when I had a bag of frozen French-cut green beans I wanted to thaw in hurry. I spread them on the counter and got my hair dryer. Do you know how long it takes to pick up itty-bitty green beans?

So, as often happens, my brain conjured an image as it might appear in a scene. A woman on the kitchen floor, cussing like a longshoreman when her partner walks in. From there my brain segued to turning the scene into a writing prompt. And that led to more writing prompts.

Play with them, and post your results in a comment, OK?

Following the high-pitched cuss words to their source, he . . .

Just one more YouTube how-to and she could  . . .

The last thing she wanted to hear from her hairdresser was . . .

“Smoke? I don’t smell smoke.”

“Not again.”

“Did you forget it was Daylight Savings Time?”

The capsule door was locked.

He looked in the mirror and saw . . .

“Don’t make me . . .”

My DNA profile says I’m related to . . .

“Unless you have  a screwdriver, we’re screwed.”

“You don’t look anything like your . . .”

“I found this on your computer.”

“What do you mean you threw it out?”


To write something you have to risk making a fool of yourself.

–Anne Rice

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