Use & Create Writing Prompts

Pictures can be great writing prompts.

Today I’m going to send you off to another blog, “Daily Writing Tips,”  where Simon Kewin has a post on writing prompts, along with 20 examples. Here are a few examples from his list:

This time my boss went too far.
Red eyes.
It was the first snowfall of the season.
The garden was overgrown now.
They came back every year to lay flowers at the spot.

Prompts can be a great way to get the juices flowing. Use them routinely, maybe at the start of a writing session, or randomly. Tuck a few prompts in the little notebook you carry everywhere (which is more likely to be your smartphone), & play with them as you wait to have your car’s oil changed.

And while you’re creating, dream up some prompts & submit them to the Writing Prompts feature on Reddit. Reddit actually holds contests for the best prompts.

2 thoughts on “Use & Create Writing Prompts

  1. Ha! What grabbed me here was the mention of Reddit. Two years ago, my grandson (15 at the time) shared his fascination with Reddit with me, hoping I’d get the bug. Back then I didn’t even really understand what got people fired up about Facebook, so Reddit was truly a mystery. Since then, I’ve occasionally heard of the site, but you’re the first person I actually know who casually tossed it into a conversation–and one about writing at that. Guess I’ll have to go check it out–and maybe gain a few notches in the esteem of my grandson.

  2. I haven’t personally posted on Reddit. Time magazine’s Aug. 29th cover story was about how we’re losing the Internet to hate. Reddit was cited as a site that attracts trolls who bash other users. I looked at the Writing Prompts page, didn’t find anything offensive.

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