For Sale: Baby Shoes, Never Worn

Baby shoesLegend has it that one day Ernest Hemingway bet his lunch companions he could write a novel in six words. They took him up on it. He penned: “For Sale: Baby Shoes, Never Worn” on a cocktail napkin and collected his winnings.

Like so much about Hemingway,  legend and fact will never get sorted out. But what’s true is that six-word stories have a big following. Check out Six Word Stories on Reddit. Some examples:

“Therapist wants date. Who’s crazy now?” Submitted by Tommehboi

“Santa outsources manufacturing; elves vote Trump.” Submitted by apaganplace

“Trembling, they moved Lovecraft to nonfiction.” Submitted by kirbysag

It can be fun to create your own stories. Frustrating, too. But I’ve managed a few. Here’s one:

“Wife found your earring. Divorce imminent.”

The challenge for me is trying to crunch stories into six words. Like this one:

“Blogger dies holding breath while waiting for your comment.”


15 thoughts on “For Sale: Baby Shoes, Never Worn

  1. Come on, Leanna—

    Blogger dies holding breath awaiting comments.

    And here’s a story I hope to read when I get back in a couple of months!

    Return from Paradise: Martin Sheen elected.

  2. “Heiress steers clear of pauper’s son.”

    “Heiress throws beer at pauper’s son.”

    “Heiress sheds tear over pauper’s son.”

    (It’s a tragic romance trilogy, you see.) 😉

    I’m thinking it’s best I stick to a longer format, but that was fun! Thanks for sharing your blog with me.

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