Compromise With Sin and Self-Promotion

In the run-up to all-out promotion for my novel, Compromise With Sin, I decided this week’s blog post is all about me.  Would-be indie writers might learn something from my experience. Readers can glimpse a snapshot of the indie publishing world.

The print edition of Compromise With Sin has been for sale on Amazon since June 1st with the express purpose of generating reader reviews before promotion of the Kindle edition. To date I have eleven five-star reviews from people I’ve given books to–in these reviews there’s a disclaimer about having received an advance review copy (ARC) in exchange for an honest review–and from a few people who have purchased the books. The latter will be identified by Amazon as “Verified Purchase” and carry more weight than other reviews.

Reader reviews, I’m told, are extremely important. The more that are posted before promotion of the Kindle edition, the better.

The Kindle edition of Compromise With Sin will be published on August 19th and is now available for pre-order. Pre-orders are desirable because they boost an author’s Amazon ranking on the publication date. Frankly, the authors who benefit most from pre-orders are those who have published a slew of books and have a tribe of people who can’t wait for their next book. We’ll see how well it works, after a few well-placed ads, for me with my debut novel.

I’ve been laying the groundwork for promotion with a Facebook Author Page, and announcements on Facebook and Twitter.  Oh, and if you’ll “like” my author page, I’d appreciate it. Not sure why that’s important, but I guess it is. I’ll also do a bunch of interviews. My first one is on BookGoodies.  

The fun of indie publishing is having control over the story and design. The hard part is financing the project and spending a lot of time on promoting and marketing the book, valuable time that could be spent on writing the next novel.


Anybody can write a book. But writing it well and making it sell–that’s the hard part.

–Jay Taylor, The Rise of Majick

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