Banished Words List 2020

Risible, isn’t it?

One time back in my freelance writing life, I approached a man with a request for an interview, and he agreed on one condition: “Whatever you do, don’t use the word ‘plethora’ in your article.” I hate that word.”

We all have words that set our hair on fire. Mine of late is the adjective “risible, e.g., “The Senate made a risible attempt to carry out its duty.” Can the word possibly be more pretentious? Why not say “laughable?”With that, here are some examples of words or phrases that made Lake Superior State University’s “Banished Word List 2020.”

Influencer–Urban Dictionary calls it “A word Instagram users use to describe themselves to make them feel famous and more important when no one really knows or cares who they are.

Living my best life–Are there options for multiple lives?

Totes–Used for “totally”

OK, Boomer–This one insults the generation that didn’t trust anyone over 30.

Your thoughts? Words on your hit list? Leave a comment.


Do something every day that scares you.

–Eleanor Roosevelt

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