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Leanna Englert
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Here are 5 things you might want to know about “NovelWords Cafe”:

  1. Posts will be about the things that interest me: mostly the craft of writing & my forays into indie publishing.
  2. There are some outstanding blogs for writers & readers of fiction, & I’ll link to them often. And welcome your suggestions for links.
  3. You’ll probably like this blog if you read or write fiction & enjoy discussing how ficton works. That includes y’all in writing critique groups &/or book clubs, & people who ever thought about joining a critique group or book club.
  4. From time to time I’ll post a sentence or paragraph & ask you to improve on it & post your results in my Comments. I promise not to plagiarize anything you send me. I’m so fiercely against stealing intellectual property that I won’t even plagiarize myself.
  5. What will make NovelWords Cafe different from similar blogs? The Take-away. That’s what prompted me to launch a blog. For several years I’ve been collecting excerpts of writing I’d like to emulate and parsing what I think makes the writing work. The power of this list is that every time I sit down to write or revise, I first open my Take-away file and read one or two examples. That inspires me to do the best work I know how to do. So I’ll post examples and invite your Take-away.
  6. (I know. Six is one more than five, but my writing rarely goes according to plan.) My name is Leanna Englert. I self-published my debut novel, Compromise With Sin, in 2017 and am proud to say the KIrkus Reviews awarded it a star. You’ll hear a lot about the book on this blog. I promise. Did I mention that Kirkus Reviews awarded Compromise With Sin a star?